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Foul drainage assessment

Mains drainage 

If the proposed development results in changes to or replacement of the existing system the applicant should contact the United Utilities to confirm that the existing system is capable of dealing with any additional load.

Any relevant correspondence should be submitted with the planning application.

Non mains drainage

If the proposed development involves either the provision of new non-mains drainage or use of existing non mains drainage (package treatment plants, septic tanks, cesspools) the applicant must complete form PA3 (PDF/40KB/3 Pages).

This will help the applicant to show that the development can be effectively served by a non mains drainage system without inadvertently affecting the environment, amenity or public health.

If a new non mains drainage system is proposed its position and any associated soakaways must be shown within the application site on a 1:1250/1:2500 scale site location plan.

If connection to either of the above requires crossing land outside the applicant’s ownership, other than a public highway, notice may need to be served on the owners of that land.

You should contact a Planning Officer to find out if you need to serve notice on your neighbours.

Further Guidance

 Information on drainage.