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Biodiversity surveys

Biodiversity is the general term used to cover both ecology and protected species.

Where a proposed development may have possible impacts on wildlife and biodiversity, information should be provided on existing biodiversity interests and possible impacts on them to allow full consideration of those impacts.

Applications for development in the countryside that will affect areas designated for their biodiversity interests are likely to need to include assessments of impacts and proposals for long term maintenance and management. Further details of the type of assessments and information that is required can be found using the links below:

Further Guidance

Government planning policies for biodiversity are set out in Planning Policy Statement 9: Biodiversity and Geological Conservation (PPS 9) (August 2005).

PPS9 is accompanied by a Government Circular: Biodiversity and Geological Conservation: Statutory obligations and their impact within the planning system (ODPM Circular 06/2005) and Planning for Biodiversity and Geological Conservation: A Guide to Good Practice.