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Utilities survey

Used to show how existing utilities will be affected by proposed development.

When required

  • Statements will be required to accompany all major, including outline, applications for:
  • housing development or business
  • industrial, storage
  • retail or leisure
  • developments for other uses which are of a similar scale and where sites contain significant tree cover or within an area of archaeological potential.


Most new development requires connection to existing utility services, including electricity and gas supplies, telecommunications, water supply, connection to foul sewage and surface water drainage and disposal systems.

We must establish whether the existing services and infrastructure have sufficient capacity to accommodate the supply and service demands which would arise from the completed development. And whether the provision of services on site would give rise to any environmental impacts, for example, excavations in the vicinity of trees or archaeological remains.

Utilities statements should demonstrate:

  • the availability of utility services has been examined and that the proposals would not result in undue stress on the delivery of those services to the wider community
  • the proposals should incorporate any utility company requirements for sub-substations, telecommunications equipment or similar structures
  • the service routes should be planned to avoid the potential for damage to trees and archaeological remains
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