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Town centre retail and leisure impact assessment

Used to enable an assessment of the impact of retail, leisure and office development on the vitality and viability of town centres.

When required

A retail impact assessment is required for all retail and leisure developments over 2,500 square metres gross floor space and may be required for smaller developments, such as those likely to have a significant impact on smaller centres.

A retail assessment should be provided for any planning application for a retail use which would be sited in an edge of town centre or out of town centre location and are not in accordance with the current development plan.


The assessment should justify the need and scale of the development together with an assessment of the impact upon the vitality of existing retails centres and locations. Details of the availability of other sites closer to a centre for the development will also be required.

The assessment will not be required to demonstrate the need for retail proposals within the primary shopping areas or for other main town centre uses, including leisure and office development, located within the town centre. Evidence should be provided to show that there are no sequentially preferable sites.

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