Telecommunications statement

Last Updated: 21 February 2023

Used to enable assessment of the proposal and to meet the legal requirements.

When required

A telecommunications statement should accompany applications for developments that will involve the installation or alteration of any existing telecommunication facilities or equipment (for example, masts, base stations and cabinets) or where prior notification is required.

Contents of telecommunications statement

Applications for mast and antenna installation by mobile phone network operators should be accompanied by a range of supplementary information as set out in the Ofcom Code of Best Practice.

  • purpose of proposal in terms of operator’s network (cell maps would be helpful)
  • other sites or buildings considered, including mast sharing, and reasons for rejection
  • any technical reasons for particular design or array configuration to be adopted
  • commentary about likely visual impact and impact upon character of conservation area or listed buildings (if relevant) supported by visual material
  • commentary about relationship between proposal and nearest sensitive sites (For example, schools, day nurseries, housing) including material about likely exposure levels and visual impact
  • a site specific explanation of the relationship between proposed telecommunications installation, approved development plan policies and relevant national planning guidance
  • a tree survey, including implications of the impact upon trees within the application site of those adjacent to the site