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Noise impact assessment

Used to determine whether the development will have a significant impact on existing noise levels or whether, when all appropriate forms of mitigation have been considered, the existing noise environment will adversely affect the proposed development.

When required

A noise impact and sound insulation assessment should accompany applications for:

  • proposed developments that have the potential to generate noise, for example: Industrial units, installation of external air conditioning units, workshops, day nurseries, nightclubs, places of worship, public houses, restaurants/takeaways, schools/colleges or outdoor sports facilities.
  • proposed developments located next to an existing noise source, for example, next to an industrial site, a busy road, or railway line


A noise impact and sound insulation assessment should include the following information:

  • existing background noise levels measured over a 24-hour period (including the cumulative noise levels of all existing units)
  • proposed noise levels (including the cumulative noise levels of all proposed units)
  • any proposed measures to reduce noise from the proposed development
  • the system manufacturer’s specification of any proposed equipment to be installed, altered or replaced
  • details of the method used to compile the report and examples of the calculations and assumptions made

Please note that you cannot carry out a noise impact and sound insulation assessment yourself. It must be completed by a suitably qualified professional.

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