Marketing and viability appraisal

Last Updated: 23 August 2023

Used to assess whether sufficient marketing of an existing site or building or business has been undertaken prior to submission of a planning application.

When required

  • loss of a site or building or business either currently in leisure or designated or allocated employment use or if the site or building or business is currently vacant and was last in leisure or designated or allocated employment use
  • removal of an occupancy condition on a dwelling in the countryside
  • all applications outside town centres involving the loss of a community facility

Content of marketing and viability assessment

An assessment or statement providing the results of the marketing exercise that was undertaken should be provided. This should be carried out by a suitably qualified professional, for example, a Chartered Surveyor and must include:

  • an independent valuation
  • the length of time over which the marketing has taken place (minimum of 9 months)
  • details of the nature of the marketing, including publications used and distribution area of the publications
  • details of all expressions of interest and all offers received, including rental interest, with explanations as to why such offers were not accepted. In circumstances where the premises are currently occupied, the assessment should indicate clearly why the occupier wishes to vacate the premises

An up to date viability assessment report should be prepared in accordance with guidance issued by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and include:

  • executive summary
  • contents outline
  • introduction and background
  • description of site location
  • planning policy context and description of scheme
  • market information summary
  • build cost and programme methodology and approach
  • outputs and results
  • sensitivity analysis
  • summary accounts for previous three years
  • concluding statement

The viability assessment must also include an appraisal of the following factors:

  • gross development value
  • costs
  • land value
  • competitive returns to landowners and developers

Please note that all viability assessments and reports will be published on the council's website in accordance with the requirements of paragraph 57 of the National Planning Policy Framework. 

Fees for marketing and viability appraisals

Please note there is a separate fee, payable in addition to the standard planning fee, for applications requiring a viability assessment.

The fee is available upon application on a case by case basis.

The fee is to cover our costs in appointing an independent professional to evaluate the assessment submitted.