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Landscape and planting schemes

Used to demonstrate how landscaping schemes will contribute positively to the streetscape and local character of an area and to help to create pleasant, safe and attractive environments.

When required

Landscaping plans will be needed where extensive hard or soft landscaping is proposed or where screening is required.


Trees and planting have a softening effect on the appearance of the hard materials of buildings and streets, and can help to better integrate new buildings into the surrounding area and reinforce local distinctiveness.

Landscape and planting schemes should include:

  • metric scale drawings 1:500 (layout plans) and 1:200 or 1:100 (planting schemes)
  • for residential development, plot numbers should be identified
  • topographical site survey showing spot levels, contours, structures, walls, fences, existing trees (root protection areas), significant shrubs and vegetation; service runs and easements; buildings on site and building edges off-site
  • planting plans should include positions, species and variety, density of planting, maximum size at maturity, grille and guard specifications, weed control measures, slope stabilisation methods, protective measures (from impacts like vehicle and pedestrian movements, grazing animals or vandalism)
  • management plans, including objectives and after care maintenance.

Hard landscaping plans should include:

  • details of surfacing, footways, boundary walls and fences and retaining walls
  • protective measures against vehicle impact, pedestrian shortcuts and vandalism (bollards, tree guards, permanent fencing or low walls)
  • lighting, street furniture, special features (for example, art work ), refuse storage structures, utility routes and sub-stations
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