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Hard and soft landscaping or planting schemes

Landscaping plans will be needed where extensive hard or soft landscaping is proposed.

  • metric scale 1:500 (Layout plans) and 1:200 or 1:100 (Planting schemes)
  • for residential development, plot nos. should be identified.
  • topographical site survey showing spot levels, contours, structures, walls, fences, existing trees (Root protection Areas), significant shrubs and vegetation; service runs and easements; buildings on site and building edges off-site.
  • planting plan should include positions, species/variety, density of planting, maximum size at maturity, grille and guard specifications, weed control measures, slope stabilisation methods, protective measures (from vehicle and pedestrian movements, grazing animals, vandalism etc.)
  • management plans, including objectives and after care maintenance
  • hard landscaping plans should include details of surfacing, footways, boundary walls/fences, retaining walls; protective measures against vehicle impact, pedestrian shortcuts, vandalism (bollards, tree guards, permanent fencing, low walls etc.); lighting, street furniture, special features (art work etc.), refuse storage structures, utility routes, sub-stations etc.
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