Archaeological assessment

Last Updated: 28 February 2023

Used to assess the archaeological value of any individual site to determine the impact that the proposed development will have upon the archaeology and to demonstrate appropriate measures to be taken to protect it.

When required

Statements will be required for all proposals involving the disturbance of ground within an area of known archaeological interest.

If advice is needed about archaeological sites you should contact The Cumbria Historic Environment Service.


National planning policy emphasises the need to carry out an appropriate desk based assessment.

A desk-based archaeological assessment and/or field evaluation may be necessary if an application site includes (or has the potential to include) or affect heritage assets with archaeological interest (designated or not).

The information should include plans showing historic features, listed buildings and structures, historic parks and gardens, historic battlefields and scheduled ancient monuments, an analysis of significance of archaeological, history and character of the building or structures, together with the principles of and justification for proposed work.

This will ensure that appropriate measures are put in place to manage the investigation, recording, analysis and preservation of any remains or otherwise mitigate the effect of the development on areas of archaeological interest.


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