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Agricultural or rural business appraisals

To provide a policy framework to guide when a new dwelling may be acceptable in the open countryside to meet the needs of agriculture and rural businesses.

When required

Any proposal for a permanent or temporary dwelling(s) for agricultural/forestry or rural business workers.

Applications for the removal of an occupancy condition relating to agricultural and forestry dwellings.


The appraisal should be confined to a factual statement of the agricultural/rural business considerations involved and an evaluation of the need for the dwelling(s) based on both a functional and financial need.


£462 excluding vat.

There is a separate fee payable, in addition to the standard planning fee, for applications requiring an agricultural, forestry, rural business appraisal. This is to cover our costs to appoint an independent professional to assess the functional and essential need for the dwelling(s) in relation to agricultural, forestry or rural business.


Policy DM15 South Lakeland Development Management Policies Development Plan Document, Essential dwellings for workers in the countryside.

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