Affordable housing statement

Last Updated: 23 August 2023

Used to assess the provision of local affordable housing as part of any residential scheme, in the context of our planning policies.

When required

Kendal, Grange-over-Sands and Ulverston

Ten or more dwellings, the affordable housing requirement is 35% onsite provision.

Milnthorpe and Kirkby Lonsdale

Ten or more dwellings, the affordable housing requirement is 35% onsite provision.

Nine dwellings, the affordable housing requirement is 35% either onsite provision or commuted sum (accepted only in exceptional circumstances).

Arnside and Silverdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Two or more dwellings, the affordable housing requirement is 50% onsite provision. 

South Lakeland District Designated Rural Area

Excluding the Arnside and Silverdale AONB and the settlements of Milnthorpe and Kirkby Lonsdale.

Ten or more dwellings, the affordable housing requirement is 35% onsite provision.

Six to nine dwellings, the affordable housing requirement is 35% onsite provision or commuted sum (on a case by case basis).

Content of Affordable Housing Statement

An affordable housing statement should specify what is being proposed with regard to affordable housing and should provide a justification for the amount and type proposed.

Outline applications

If the application is in outline we accept that some details will be unknown. The statement shall confirm that a legal agreement will be entered into in order to abide by the terms of the South Lakeland Affordable Housing Policy.

Full or Applications for Reserved Matters following Outline Permission

A typical affordable housing statement should include details of the following:

  • the total number of all proposed residential units
  • details of the affordable provision as a percentage of the overall number of residential units
  • details of the tenure mix of the affordable units, for example, social, intermediate etc.
  • details of affordable units, numbers of bedrooms and property types across all tenures to demonstrate a representative mix of unit types and size
  • details of the affordable unit space standards
  • metric scaled plans showing the location of affordable units
  • details of any Registered Providers acting as development partners
  • the different levels or types of affordability or tenure proposed for different units. This should be clearly and fully explained in line with policy expectation
  • explanation as to how the affordable housing units will be managed
  • the affordable housing statement should be accompanied by a report from an independent chartered surveyor and should provide market valuations for each affordable unit

Affordable Housing Planning Policy Guidance Notes (PDF 262KB / 9 pages)

Draft Heads of Terms

For the provision of affordable housing by way of a S106 Agreement and include it in your statement, complete the Draft heads of terms (PDF 36KB / 5 pages).

If the application is in outline, we do not expect you to complete the form in full, as many of the details will be unknown at this time.

Reducing the affordable housing contribution

The expected applicant/developer contribution towards affordable housing may qualify for a reduction if it would make the development economically unviable. Where the applicant/developer considers that they cannot meet the full affordable housing contribution, we will need to reach agreement on the level of provision.

In such circumstances, the applicant/developer will have to provide a viability assessment, including a full financial appraisal with a breakdown of development costs. This should include the following information:

  • anticipated sale prices or lease rents with evidence of values of similar schemes in the locality
  • cost of the land and associated fees
  • build costs of dwellings and infrastructure supported by independent quantity surveyor estimates
  • full details of abnormal building costs, for example, unusual ground conditions may mean that deeper and more expensive foundations are needed. These should be accompanied with supporting reports and independent estimates
  • design and project management fees
  • Costs of geotechnical and environmental surveys with a summary of the findings
  • interim development financial calculations with any details from of the loan facility from the provider
  • all viability assessments and reports will be published on our website in accordance with the requirements of paragraph 57 of the National Planning Policy Framework.

Fee payable

There is a separate fee payable, in addition to the standard planning fee, for applications requiring a viability assessment.

The fee is to cover our costs in appointing an independent professional to evaluate the assessment submitted. Price will be on application on a case by case basis.

Vacant Building Credit

Where vacant buildings are being reused or redeveloped, the affordable housing requirement will be reduced by a proportionate amount equivalent to the existing gross floor space of the existing building. We will consider whether or not the building(s) have been made vacant for the sole purpose of redevelopment. We will consider if the vacant building credit is appropriate on a case by case basis. 


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