Accessible and adaptable homes statement

Last Updated: 24 April 2023

Used to ensure that new housing is accessible and can be easily adapted to meet the changing needs of their occupants over their lifetime in accordance Policy DM11 of Development Management Policies Development Plan Document (DMDPD).

When required

All new build homes will be required to meet the operational Building Regulations requirement M4(2)(Category 2, Accessible and Adaptable Homes) and 5% of new build homes on sites over 40 units will be required to be wheelchair adaptable (Category 3a - Wheelchair User Dwellings).


Please complete the Accessible and Adaptable Homes Statement Form (PDF 295KB / 6 pages). This will demonstrate that the proposed development will meet the policy requirement.

Please make sure you check the submitted plans correspond to the requirements on the checklist. The checklist is a summary guide to the key requirements of M4(2) and M4(3). These requirements should be considered at the planning stage as they could affect the design and layout of the homes and the site.

Please ensure that submitted plans include:

  • metric scaled site layout and section plans with annotated spot external ground levels and finished floor levels 1:100 or 1:200
  • metric scaled elevation plans 1:50 or 1:100
  • metric scaled floor plans 1:50. These should demonstrate the internal designs are capable of meeting the required standards. The furniture arrangements should be clearly shown on the floor plans for the bedrooms

Where applications require a Design and Access Statement, the access section should provide an explanation of how the development has been designed to ensure that homes are accessible and adaptable in accordance with Policy DM11 of Development Management Policies Development Plan Document (DMDPD).


The Accessible and Adaptable Homes Statement Form is designed to act as a helpful prompt for developers.

New homes will be subject to inspection by Building Control to ensure compliance under the current Building Regulations. This will involve a detailed assessment of all the requirements of the Approved Document M of Building Regulations; Access to and use of Buildings

The Building Regulations are entirely separate from planning regulations.


Policy DM11 Development Management Policies Development Plan Document (DMDPD); Accessible and Adaptable Homes