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Templates for Non-Mains Drainage Assessment, Flood Risk Assessment, S.106 Heads of Terms, Article 13 Notice and Sample Plans

Flood risk assessment template

Please use this template for householder, change of use and commercial developments under 250m2 where the site lies in a flood risk area. For more complex development you should employ a suitably qualified professional to prepare a flood risk assessment.

Flood risk assessment template (PDF/60KB/2 pages) 

Non mains drainage and water supply assessment template

Please use this where the application site is served by a non mains drainage and/or non mains water supply.

Non mains drainage and water supply assessment template (PDF/79KB/6 pages) 

S.106 Heads of Terms template

Please use this template when the development includes the provision of affordable housing, public open space, sustainable urban drainage (SUDS) or any financial contributions on or off site.

S.106 Template (DOC/76KB/3 pages) 

Notice to serve on owners of application site where Certificate B is completed

When the applicant is not the sole owner of the application site, and Certificate B or C (included on application form) is signed, pleased serve the Notice1 on the owner(s).

Notice under Article 13 (PDF/22KB/1 page)

Sample plans

These are good examples of the standard of drawings we need.

Proposed and existing floor plans (PDF/518KB/1 page)

Proposed elevations (PDF/885KB/1 page)

Proposed site plan (PDF/489KB/1 page)