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Property search fees

Fees for refined data reports

There will be no increase in fees from 01 April 2018.

Full Search

Search type  Ex Vat  Vat   Total
 CON29 and LLC1 including highways  £89  £13  £102
 CON29 and LLC1 excluding highways  £65  £9  £74
 CON29 Parcel of land* fee  £10  £2  £12
 Refresh of full residential search submitted by original solicitor (within six months of issue date, one re-run only)  £65  £9  £74

CON29 (O) Optional Enquiries

Search type Ex Vat  Vat   Total
 Each printed Optional Enquiry when submitted with CON29 except Enquiry number 22 (commons)   £11  £2.20  £13.20
 Optional Enquiry number 22 Commons when submitted with CON29 (no additional fee for multiple parcels of land)  £25  £5  £30
 When a CON29(O) only is submitted there is a £10 administration fee (Vat applies)  £10  £2  £12

LLC1 Only

Search type   Ex Vat Vat  Total 
 LLC1 requisition search only  £25  £0  £25
 Each additional parcel of land*  £2  £0  £2

CON29 Submission Only

Search type  Ex Vat   Vat Total 
 CON29 including highways  £65  £13  £78
 CON29 excluding highways  £45  £9  £54
 CON29 parcel of land* fee  £10  £2  £12

*Parcel of land, means land (including a building or part of a building), which is separately occupied or separately rated or, if not occupied or rated, in separate ownership.

Fees for copy of documents relating to a submitted search

  • if you can provide the document reference number we will supply the document, by email, free of charge
  • if you do not have the document reference number we will make a charge of £36 inc vat (domestic property) and £72 inc vat (commercial property)

Planning decisions

View planning decisions free of charge.

Find out how to carry out a land search

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