Property search fees

Fees for refined data reports

The search fees in the tables below were updated on 1 April 2020.

Full Search

Search type  Ex Vat  Vat   Total
 CON29 and LLC1 including highways  £89.17  £13.83  £103.00
 CON29 and LLC1 Parcel of land* fee  £12.00  £2.00  £14.00

CON29 (O) Optional Enquiries

Search type Ex Vat  Vat   Total
 Each printed Optional Enquiry when submitted with CON29 except Enquiry number 22 (commons)   £11.00  £2.20  £13.20
 Optional Enquiry number 22 Commons when submitted with CON29 (no additional fee for multiple parcels of land)  £25.00  £5.00  £30.00
 When a CON29(O) only is submitted there is a £10 administration fee (Vat applies)  £10.00  £2.00  £12.00

LLC1 Only

Search type   Ex Vat Vat  Total 
 LLC1 requisition search only  £20.00  £0.00  £20.00
 Each additional parcel of land*  £2.00  £0.00  £2.00

CON29 Submission Only

Search type  Ex Vat   Vat Total 
 CON29 including highways  £69.17  £13.83  £83.00
 CON29 parcel of land* fee  £10.00  £2.00  £12.00

Con 29 is subject to VAT. LLC1 is not subject to VAT

*Parcel of land, means land (including a building or part of a building), which is separately occupied or separately rated or, if not occupied or rated, in separate ownership.

Fees for copy of documents relating to a submitted search

  • if you can provide the document reference number we will supply the document, by email, free of charge
  • if you do not have the document reference number we will make a charge of £36 inc vat (domestic property) and £72 inc vat (commercial property)

Planning decisions

View planning decisions free of charge.

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