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How to use this service

To carry out a search you will need:

  • search request form (DOC/100KB/2 pages)
  • a plan showing the area to be searched, clearly outlined (this should be a clear, up to date plan, to a minimum scale of 1:2500, showing a north point and grid reference).

Please email if you need help.

How to submit a search application 

Making payment

You can pay property search fees:

  • by cheque payable to 'South Lakeland District Council' or 'SLDC'
  • over the phone using a credit or debit card on 01539 793 333
  • bank transfer - please call us to make arrangements

Form guidelines 

The description of the property or land you are searching for should always be detailed in full.

If you are searching for a residential property please make sure it has the correct name/number, street, and village and town detail together with postcode if possible.

If it is a commercial property please include the correct trading name (past/present) followed by a full location description.

For land or fields a full grid reference is helpful followed by a full location description. 


Searches can only be cancelled if they have not been received onto our system.

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