How to use this service

To carry out a search you will need:

  • search request form (PDF 99KB / 2 pages)
  • a plan showing the area to be searched, clearly outlined (this should be a clear, up to date plan, to a minimum scale of 1:2500, showing a north point and grid reference).

Please email if you need help.

How to submit a search application 

Making payment

You can pay property search fees:

  • by cheque payable to 'South Lakeland District Council' or 'SLDC'
  • over the phone, using a credit or debit card
  • bank transfer, please call us to make arrangements

Form guidelines 

The description of the property or land you are searching for should always be detailed in full.

If you are searching for a residential property please make sure it has the correct name/number, street, and village and town detail together with postcode if possible.

If it is a commercial property please include the correct trading name (past/present) followed by a full location description.

For land or fields a full grid reference is helpful followed by a full location description. 


Searches can only be cancelled if they have not been received onto our system.

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