About building control

Our Building Control team will help and advise you to ensure your building projects meet building regulations, safely and cost effectively.

Whether you are a large developer undertaking a large-scale project or a homeowner making changes to your property, we support you every step of the way.

  • we are the main provider of building control support in South Lakeland
  • our team of surveyors are fully qualified and have excellent local knowledge
  • we are local, readily available and can offer same day advice
  • we are a trusted, independent, not for profit service. We are publicly accountable
  • we offer a pre-application advice service helping your project to run smoothly from the start, avoiding costly mistakes
  • we can liaise with other council departments/professionals easily and quickly

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Surveyor Contacts

Building Control:

Telephone: 01539 793 331
Email: building.control@southlakeland.gov.uk

Senior Specialist: 

Justin Rickards
Telephone: 01539 793 355
Email: j.rickards@southlakeland.gov.uk


Andy Carruthers
Telephone: 01539 793 357
Email: a.carruthers@southlakeland.gov.uk

Mike Foster (Ulverston Office)
Telephone: 01539 793 358

Rob Sargeant
Telephone: 01539 793 362

Wayne Barber
Telephone: 01539 793 363


Mike Sargeant (Ulverston Office)
Telephone: 01539 793 359

Nigel Pearson
Telephone: 01539 793 360

Guidance and resources 

Local Authority Building Control (LABC) approved documents

Local Authority Building Control technical resources provide the building regulations approved documents and technical guidance for England.

Following the guidance in the approved documents can help show that you have complied with Building Control Regulations.

Private sewers and drains

United Utilities give guidance and advice on your responsibilities regarding sewers and drains.

Local Authority Building Control (LABC) guidance notes

LABC technical information guide to extending your home.