Pay for parking by phone

Last Updated: 9 March 2022

Motorists can now pay for their parking by phone using a credit or debit card, please check the list below for eligible car parks.

Parking sessions can be extended by phone and motorists can opt to get text reminders before their parking expires.

If motorists have paid by phone, pay and display tickets won't need to be displayed in vehicles. The Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs) will be able to check registration numbers on their handheld devices.

Register to pay by phone

You can do this by:

  • registering online to pay for parking by phone
  • calling 03304 007 275 and follow the instructions. There will be a brief registration process, so a preferred credit or debit card and at least one vehicle registration will be needed. You can pay for the first parking session when you call
  • texting 'info' to 65565 and follow the instructions

The next time you want to pay for your parking by phone

  1. Call 0330 4007 275 or text 'info' to 65565.
  2. Enter the car park location number (signed in the car park or listed below).
  3. Enter the duration you wish to park for.

When you phone to pay, it is important that you listen to the whole message and press 1 to confirm when prompted.

If you end the call before this part of the message and do not press 1, your transaction will not be processed. This means that your car registration number will not appear as having paid on the CEOs' handheld devices.

Extend your parking session

You can extend your parking period remotely. Just call 0330 4007 275, or text 65565 if you have paid by text message, and follow the instructions.

Car parks where you can pay by phone

Car park Location number
King Street 9907
Lake Road 9908
Low Fold 9912
Miller Bridge 59539
Rydal Road 9917
Car park Location number
Braithwaite Fold 9575
Ferry Nab 9904
Glebe Road 9576
Rayrigg Road 9906
Car park Location number
Berners Close 9866
Hampsfell Road 9867
Kents Bank Road 9868
Main Street 9877
Windermere Road 9878
Car park Location number
Red Bank Road 9919
Car park Location number
Blackhall Road 9860
Dowker Lane 9934
Library Road 9862
South Lakeland House 9935
Peppercorn Lane 9863
Sandes Avenue 9864
Highgate (Bowman) 9861
Kirkby Lonsdale
Car park Location number
Market Square 79056
New Road No 1 79057
New Road No 2 79058
Car park Location number
Beetham Road 9924
Park Road 9926
Car park Location number
Brewery Street 9927
Buxton Place 9928
Daltongate 9929
Stockbridge Lane 9930
The Gill 9932
Theatre Street 9931
Car park Location number
Broad Street 9865 and 9879
Quarry Mount 9905
Rayrigg Meadow 9902

Pay by phone service costs

A service charge of 20p will be added to your normal parking fee for parking of more than £2. For less than £2 the fee is 10p.

Text reminders to tell you that your parking time is due to expire cost 10p each. A receipt for your parking can be sent to you by either text or e-mail. There is a charge of 10p for the text message receipt, but the e-mail receipt is free of charge.

Your parking costs will appear on your monthly credit or debit card statement.

You can view and print off all your parking transactions at your online account at Pay-by-Phone.

Pay by phone customer service enquiries

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