Vandalism, fly posting and graffiti

Last Updated: 23 August 2023

Vandalism is illegal. It is antisocial, can create a bad impression of our district and it can add to people's fear of crime.

Graffiti are drawings or words that are written, sprayed, painted or scratched on to property.

Flyposting is posters, stickers or signs that often advertise events. They are put on walls, windows and other surfaces without the permission of the property owner.

Graffiti and flyposting are both criminal offences. We, or the police, can issue a fixed penalty notice of up to £75. More serious, or repeated, vandalism can carry large fines given out by a magistrate.

You can report vandalism, flyposting or graffiti to us or to the police.

Report vandalism, graffiti or flyposting on our council property

You can use this form to report vandalism, graffiti or flyposting on our buildings or on our land.

Report graffiti on a public building

Report vandalism on private property

To report acts of vandalism to private property call the police on 101.

If the graffiti is on private land or property it is up to the owners to deal with it.