Street sweeping

Last Updated: 23 November 2023

We sweep and clean roads and pavements to keep our environment clean, safe and attractive.

We are responsible for road sweeping and litter clearance in certain areas of public land. This does not include major trunk roads or privately owned property or land.

You can report significant mess in your area such as broken glass, spillages or a large amount of rubbish that has been blown out of a fallen over bin.

Request a street sweep

We have a process for monitoring and maintaining street cleanliness. We use the information we have to identify where and when litter problems might happen and where there are litter hot spots. We focus our cleaning effort on town centres and busier tourist spots where there are lots of people working, shopping and socialising. Villages and outlying areas are also checked regularly, but less often.

Cleaning private land

We provide sweeping services to private land owners, please call our customer services team for details.