Last Updated: 7 November 2023

Litter is unsightly, spoiling our public spaces and damaging to the environment and wildlife.

We provide and empty over 850 litter bins across our district, use our online mapping to find a litter bin. The bins can be used for dog waste, but it has to be in a bag.

We empty bins at busy places up to four times a day, main street and playground bins are emptied daily and bins in villages and quieter places are emptied weekly.

Report a full street litter bin

Dropping litter outdoors is an offence under the Environmental Protection Act 1990. We can issue fixed penalty notices of up to £100 where we have evidence of littering. If the fixed penalty notice isn't paid magistrates courts can give much larger fines.

We encourage people not to drop litter and to use our litter bins, or to take rubbish home with them.

Report litter

Litter picks

It’s great that so many people want to help look after the environment where they live. Many people pick up a litter as and when they are about, by keeping some gloves and a bag handy. You can also attend and arrange litter picking events with others. It’s a great way to encourage others to respect their environment and can be fun too.

Help with litter picks

We can help with litter picks in your community, by:

  • lending litter picking equipment, including:
    • litter picking sticks
    • high visibility vests (in both adult and children sizes); and
  • providing specific blue litter pick bin bags and arranging collection of them once full
  • we can help you publicise your event using our social media channels and post photos of your success when the event has taken place

Request to loan litter picking equipment

Health and Safety information for volunteer litter picks (PDF 137KB / 3 pages) to ensure your group, or school has a successful and safe litter pick.

Local litter pick groups and resources

If you are considering starting your own litter picking group, or want to join one, you might want to check what groups exist nearby.

Friends of the Lake District have put together an interactive map of local litter pick groups, you can get details of nearby groups and add your own too. They also hold litter pick events you can attend.

LOVEmyBEACH arrange litter picks and events around South Lakeland's coastal areas.

Contact your local town or parish council to see if they are aware of other litter pick groups or individuals in your area, they might have their own litter picking equipment they can lend also.

Keep Britain Tidy offer advice and support, as well as access to Keep Britain Tidy materials.

Great British Spring Clean

Find out about the Keep Britain Tidy: Great British Spring Clean which we support annually. This year it takes place from 17 March to the 2 April 2023 and we can assist with lending equipment, providing bin bags and collected litter disposal.