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We provide and empty over 850 litter bins across our district, use our online mapping to find a litter bin. The bins can be used for dog waste, but it has to be in a bag.

We empty bins at busy places up to four times a day. In main streets and playgrounds they are emptied daily. We empty bins in villages and quieter places weekly.

Report a full street litter bin online

or call our customer services team.

Dropping litter outdoors is an offence under the Environmental Protection Act 1990. We take action against people who litter and can issue fixed penalty notices of up to £100.

We encourage people not to drop litter and to use our litter bins, or to take rubbish home with them. You can help keep your area litter free by organising volunteer litter picking.

Removing litter

  • we can provide help and guidance for volunteers who want to carry out community litter picking
  • you can ask us to sweep and clear up problem litter in certain areas

Please contact us for advice and information.

Penalties for littering

We can issue fixed penalty notices of up to £100 where we have evidence of littering. If the fixed penalty notice isn't paid magistrates courts can give much larger fines.

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