Discarded needles and syringes

Last Updated: 15 March 2021

Needles, syringes and other drug related litter are dangerous. You should report drug litter to us straight away.

It can be dangerous to handle these items. Don't pick up needles, contact us and we will collect and dispose of them safely. We inform our colleagues at Cumbria Police about details of the find.

Report drug litter

or between 8.45am and 5.00pm, call our customer services team.

Outside of office hours please call (Charges may apply):

Kendal and Eastern Area: 0870 428 6905

or Lakes, Ulverston and Western Area: 0870 428 6906

Please let us know the exact location. In a town or village the postcode, street name and number of the nearest house. In a rural area the road or area name, name of the nearest farm or house, or any significant landmarks.