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Penalty Charge Notices (PCN)

We operate decriminalized parking in accordance with the Traffic Management Act 2004. Civil Enforcement Officers are directly employed by us  to patrol off-street car parks and to issue Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) if vehicles are parked in contravention of the regulations.

There are different penalties, depending on the seriousness of the contravention:

 Code Contravention Diff level Charge
81 Parked in a restricted area in a car park Higher £70
82 Parked after the expiry of paid for time Lower £50
83 Parked in a car park without clearly displaying a valid pay and display ticket Lower £50
85 Parked in a permit bay without clearly displaying a valid permit Higher £70
86 Not parked correctly within the markings of a bay or space Lower £50
87 Parked in a designated disabled person's parking place without displaying a valid disabled person's badge in the prescribed manner Higher £70
91 Parked in a car park or area not designated for that class of vehicle Higher £70
93 Parked in a car park when closed Lower £50
94 Parked in a pay and display car park without clearly displaying two valid pay and display tickets when required Lower £50

The registered keeper, not the driver, is responsible for the parking penalty under 'keeper liability'.

Cumbria County Council regulates parking on-street. 

The police have retained powers to enforce all areas for obstruction and are also responsible for trunk roads.

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