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Parking permits

Resident's on-street parking permits

Please contact Cumbria County Council to apply for a resident's on-street parking permit.

Parking permit for SLDC car parks

The full permit year runs from April to March, but you can purchase a permit at any point during the year. Owning a permit does not guarantee a space. A permit will allow the use of one space, the vehicle must be able to fit in one marked bay.

Apply for or renew a car park permit

Application form for a parking permit 2019 to 2020 (PDF 174KB / 2 pages)

By phone: call Parking Services to make a debit or credit card payment.

Once payment has been received, the permit will be posted to you within five working days.

Pay for a parking permit by direct debit

Pay for a parking permit by direct debit (PDF 200KB / 1  page)

We usually require the first instalment to be paid by credit or debit card, to allow time for the mandate to be set up. We may call you to take this payment, so please provide a telephone number and email address.

There is no extra charge for paying by direct debit.  The payment date is always on 20th of the month and this date cannot be changed.

Owing to resource requirements, we cannot arrange a permit by direct debit for less than a six months' commitment.

Parking permit options and prices

For each permit type, only ONE permit is issued.  Owning a permit does not guarantee a space.

Standard parking permit

Cost: £430 for a full year from 1 April 2019.

For use with one registration number.

Standard permit holders may be eligible for a reduction of £100.00 (pro rata) if the vehicle is "A" rated vehicle. "A" rated means the carbon dioxide emissions are 100 g/km, or less. This is stated in the log book, the V5 document, in section 4 or check your vehicle rating online. Please contact Parking Services if you believe you are eligible.

Transferable parking permit

Cost: £500 for a full year from 1 April 2019.

One permit you can swap between the two specified vehicles.

Standard and Transferable permit holders can use the Westmorland Shopping Centre car park in Kendal for an additional £30 charge. This non-refundable annual administrative fee includes a card to use the entry and exit barriers.

Business parking permit

Cost: £580 for a full year from 1 April 2019.

One permit that can be swapped between unspecified vehicles.

Milnthorpe only permit

Cost: £220 for a full year from 1 April 2019.

This permit is for the Park Road and Beetham Road car parks in Milnthorpe only.

It cannot be used in Milnthorpe Square or in other car parks within the district.

Application form for the Milnthorpe car parks permit (PDF 126KB / 1 page)

Contract parking spaces

We have contract car parks at Low Fellside and Highgate in Kendal.  At Low Fellside, we have one single space (Space 1) available which is £700 per annum (pro rata). 

Car parks where the permit can be used

Short stay (up to four hours) car parks

Location Name of car park Postcode
Ambleside King Street LA22 0BX
Bowness Quarry Mount LA23 3DU
Kendal Dowker Lane LA9 4ED
Kendal Peppercorn Lane LA9 5AQ
Kirkby Lonsdale Market Square LA6 2AN
Kirkby Lonsdale Booths Store LA6 2AD
Kirkby Lonsdale New Road 1 LA6 2AD

Long stay car parks

Location Name of car park Postcode
Bowness Braithwaite Fold LA23 3HB

Multi-Tariff (long and short stay ) car parks

Location Name of car park Postcode
Ambleside Lake Road LA22 0DB
Ambleside Low Fold LA22 0DN
Ambleside Rydal Road LA22 9AY
Bowness Ferry Nab LA23 3JN
Bowness Rayrigg Road LA23 3BZ
Grange-over-Sands Berners Close LA11 7DQ
Grange-over-Sands Kents Bank Road LA11 7EY
Grange-over-Sands Windermere Road LA11 6EG
Grange-over-Sands Main Street LA11 6DY
Grange-over-Sands Hampsfell Road LA11 6BD
Grasmere Red Bank Road LA22 9PU
Kendal South Lakeland House LA9 4DH

Westmorland Shopping Centre

(with an entry card)

Kendal Sandes Avenue LA9 6BL
Kendal Library Road LA9 4QB
Kendal Blackhall Road LA9 4BT
Kendal Highgate (Bowman) LA9 4DN
Kirkby Lonsdale New Road No 2 LA6 2AD
Milnthorpe Beetham Road LA7 7QR
Milnthorpe Park Road LA7 7AD
Ulverston Theatre Street LA12 7AQ
Ulverston Brewery Street LA12 7HU
Ulverston Daltongate LA12 7BG
Ulverston The Gill LA12 7BN
Ulverston Buxton Place LA12 7EF
Ulverston Stockbridge Lane LA12 7BE
Windermere Rayrigg Meadow LA23 1BP
Windermere Broad Street LA23 2AB

Details of our car parks and charges

Getting a refund if permit paid in full

You can get a refund if you paid for your permit in full and no longer require the permit. If you surrender the permit by the end of a month, you will get the remaining months refunded pro rata.

Please return the permit by Recorded Delivery or hand it in to South Lakeland House Reception. We will require your bank details as we only refund by BACS so please complete the parking permit refund form (PDF 34KB / 1 page).

Cancelling a direct debit

Settlement date is always the last day of a month as paying on 20th is for that whole calendar month.

Please do not cancel the direct debit before notifying this office.

We recommend sending the permit back by Recorded Delivery so you have a record of the date it was returned. Alternatively, you can hand it in at South Lakeland House Reception, and you will get a receipt.

Further charges are liable if a permit is surrendered when a new month has started.  If the permit is returned later than the last day of the month then you will have to pay the next month's instalment. (When the last day of the month falls on a weekend, we would require the permit back on the Monday following.)

Once the permit has been returned, and there are no outstanding charges, the remaining instalments will be cancelled, and you will be advised to cancel the direct debit at that stage.

Changing your vehicle

The permit needs to be returned to us for swapping to a new registration.

Permit change form (PDF 36KB / 1 page)

You can send this form to us by post, or complete it at South Lakeland House Reception.

Please let us know your new registration number and return the permit so we can change the details.

To cover yourself for a few days please put a note on your dashboard showing the permit number which begins with the prefix SCX.

Replacing a lost parking permit or Westmorland card

If you have lost your permit or card, please call Parking Services to arrange a replacement.

There is a charge of £35 to replace a lost standard or transferable permit and £50 to replace a lost business permit.

To replace the Westmorland card, the charge is £30.

Photocopying a permit

It is prohibited to photocopy the permit apart from one exception.  This is when permit-holders come into our Reception in South Lakeland House and complete a change of permit form.  Our stationery is designed to reveal a photocopy and the Civil Enforcement Officers will issue a Penalty Charge Notice if they have reason to believe that the permit is not genuine.

Renewing a permit

We will send a renewal notice in February to direct debit permit-holders or early March to other permit-holders using the details you consented to give us at application.  At this time, your details will only be used for the purpose of informing you about your options when the permit expires. 

How Parking Services uses your data


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