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We are backing an energy and money saving service

29 November 2018

We are supporting a free service which could help hundreds of residents to save thousands of pounds.

As part of our work to help vulnerable households who are suffering financial hardship, we are urging residents to check if they qualify for assistance from the Local Energy Advice Partnership or LEAP.

LEAP is helping people to save energy and money and avoid fuel poverty, where residents are unable to keep their homes warm on their income.      

Those who are eligible get a free home visit to check if they are on the cheapest energy tariff, have energy saving measures installed and receive energy efficiency tips.

LEAP will also refer households for further energy efficiency improvements, such as loft insulation or a new boiler.

Our Leader, Councillor Giles Archibald, said: “We know that around 4,810 households in the district are ‘fuel poor’ or unable to heat their homes adequately. LEAP is a completely free service and we estimate hundreds of local people will qualify for some form of assistance.

“Ensuring you are on the cheapest energy tariff can save hundreds of pounds every year. Free energy saving measures and tips also help to keep the bills down.  LEAP is offering residents a range of help and the eligibility is broad, so we urge anyone who thinks they may qualify to apply as soon as possible and start saving energy and money.” 

The range of energy-saving measures which can be installed includes draught proofing, LED lamps, hot water cylinder jackets and TV standby plugs.

We have a target of referring 300 households to LEAP in the current financial year.

LEAP is being co-ordinated by Agility Eco Services Ltd. The campaign group Cumbria Action for Sustainability, which is helping to tackle the effects of climate change, is the LEAP service provider in South Lakeland.

Five major energy companies have committed to fund LEAP for the next three years.    

Apply for LEAP by selecting ‘Cumbria’ on the drop down list for ‘Scheme Area’.

Households and agencies can also call the LEAP team 0800 060 7567 to request a visit.

During February, LEAP is running a free prize draw. Simply apply for and complete a LEAP home visit and you could win £100 worth of shopping vouchers. 

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