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Vandals damage trees at popular park

26 June 2017

Six newly planted trees at a popular riverside park have been snapped in half by vandals.

The damage to the young lime trees at Gooseholme, Kendal, was discovered by our contractors yesterday morning (Sunday, 25 June).

It is believed the vandals struck some time overnight on Saturday.

In total we planted eight lime trees at Gooseholme in February this year as part of a scheme to plant more than 2,000 new trees at locations in and around Kendal. 

Our spokesperson said: “This looks like the work of vandals. All the trees have been snapped in half in exactly the same way, as though someone has gone along systematically breaking the trunks.

“These trees were planted with the help of volunteers, for the benefit of the environment and for the whole community to enjoy. It is very sad that someone has seen fit to destroy the trees in this way.

“The damage has been reported to police and anyone who may know something about the vandalism is asked to contact police with information.’’

The tree planting scheme earlier this year saw us work with our contractor, Continental Landscapes, as well as Kendal Conservation Volunteers, volunteers from Noble’s Rest Gardening Club and Kirkbie Kendal School sixth form students to plant the trees, to improve tree diversity, complement existing wooded areas and help replace trees which had been felled due to disease or structural defects.

The trees were supplied by Continental Landscapes through its Carbon Offsetting Scheme.

Other trees were planted at Kendal Castle, Valley Drive, Low Sparrowmire and Collinfield.

Additional tree planting is scheduled in other areas of South Lakeland over the next few years.