Support for households that don’t have direct relationship with domestic energy supplier or use alternative fuels

Last Updated: 22 December 2022

The government has announced details for how people in England, Scotland and Wales without a direct relationship to a domestic energy supplier, including many care home residents and those living in park homes, will receive a £400 discount on their fuel bills through the Energy Bills Support Scheme Alternative Funding (EBSS Alternative Funding).

The scheme will be launched in early 2023.  Applications will be made directly through the GOV.UK website and not via South Lakeland District Council. 

There will be a national helpline for those without online access.  Those who are eligible for the £400 EBSS Alternative Funding will be required to submit their details, and if eligible for the payment, the details will be shared with South Lakeland District Council to issue payments. Eligibility for the payment is likely to include:

  • care home residents;
  • residents of park homes;
  • tenants in certain private and social rented homes;
  • homes supplied via private wires;
  • residents of caravans and houseboats on registered sites;
  • farmers living in domestic farmhouses;
  • off-grid households.

Applicants will only be able to submit information through GOV.UK when the scheme is launched in early 2023, and should not contact their local authority in the meantime.

The government is also providing a further £200 Alternative Fuel Payment (AFP) to help those households in Great Britain who use alternative fuels such as biomass or heating oil to meet energy costs this winter. Most households eligible for the AFP support in Great Britain will receive payment automatically via their electricity supplier in February, with no need to take any action. Those households who will need to apply for the AFP, for example because they do not have a relationship with an electricity supplier, will be able to do so in early 2023, through the same GOV.UK portal as the one that will be used to apply for support under the EBSS Alternative Funding scheme.

A dedicated customer helpline will be available to assist customers who do not have online access, with further details to be released next month. Customers who are eligible for support under the main Energy Bills Support Scheme are not eligible for EBSS Alternative Funding.