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Spray paint stencils to deter dog fouling

31 July 2018

Spray-painted pavement messages are the latest way we are fighting dog fouling in the district.

The stencils, which warn dog owners to ‘Pick up or pay up’, are being used by our enforcement officers in dog fouling problem areas throughout South Lakeland.

The paint used to spray the stencils is chalk-based and temporary, lasting for three to five weeks. 

The roll-out of the initiative across the district follows a successful trial we undertook at Lightburn Park in Ulverston, which assessed the visual impact of spray paint colours and the effect it had on dog fouling.

Dog fouling ‘hotspots’ are being targeted in an attempt to improve dog owners’ behaviour in areas where there is a known issue.

Our portfolio holder for the Environment, Councillor Dyan Jones, said: “The stencils provide a very clear message to irresponsible owners - pick up or pay up.

“Officers are only using the stencils in known dog fouling hotspots to ensure the initial visual impact of the message is not lost.

“Dog fouling is a criminal offence and poses a health risk and public nuisance. We’re keen to work with communities to eradicate the problem and I’d urge anyone to let us know if they witness a dog fouling incident.”

Owners who fail to clear up after their dog can be issued with a fixed penalty fine of £75 and persistent offenders will be taken to court where they could be fined up to £1,000.

Report a dog fouling incident.

Cllr Dyan Jones pictured, assisted enforcement officers in spray painting messages at Queens Park, Windermere. 

Cllr Jones spray painting stencils in Windermere