South Cumbria community safety partnership plan approved

12 August 2019

South Lakeland councillors have approved the new South Cumbria Community Safety Partnership Plan for 2019/20.

The approval is a recognition of the effective collaboration between ourselves, Barrow Borough Council, Cumbria Police and partner agencies including Safer Cumbria.

The CSP aims to reduce crime and enable local communities to remain safe and reassured, without fear, or threat, of crime.

At our recent full council meeting Councillor Suzie Pye, Portfolio Holder for Health, Wellbeing and Financial Resilience, told councillors that South Lakeland was one of the safest places in the country but could be safer. The CSP has five priorities: protecting vulnerable people, domestic abuse, substance abuse and drug supply, violent crime, and anti-social behaviour.

Councillor Pye said: “The plan identifies clear aims and objectives, and crucially it sets out practical ways of delivering on those five priorities.

“The key message is that prevention plays a vital role in tackling these issues.  For example, rather than dealing with the aftermath of alcohol-related crime, it’s better to improve education about alcohol misuse, and work with licensees to reduce the likelihood of alcohol related crimes happening in the first instance."

She praised this year’s Applied Theatre in Cumbria performances, which saw more than 1,000 Year 9 students engage with the “County Lines” production in Kendal and Barrow, and said: "Students were engaged and enjoyed the performance, learning valuable lessons in a dynamic way. PCSOs and support staff delivered good feedback sessions.

“This demonstrates the success of just one project under the CSP, and I am looking forward to working with the CSP on upcoming projects in the future.”

We are the accountable body for the South Cumbria SCP, while funding from the Police and Crime Commissioner supports delivery of  projects.

There has been increased coverage on serious and organised crime and counter terrorism at recent meetings with the police providing verbal updates of the situation in South Cumbria, giving the opportunity for partners to be aware and work collaboratively where applicable.

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