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SLDC backs town's zero carbon target

29 May 2019

We are backing a move by campaigners to eliminate a town’s carbon footprint.

Ambleside to Zero (A-Z), a sub-group of Ambleside Action for a Future (AAFAF), is working with Cumbria Action for Sustainability (CAfS) to prepare and produce a detailed, costed programme for a pilot to reduce and/or eliminate its carbon footprint in between 2020 and 2030.

Action will include:

  • dedicated expert advice and support from CAfS
  • initial feasibility work as appropriate on projects
  • facilitating discussions with key stakeholder organisations and individuals
  • supporting engagement activity with the wider community
  • assessing any capacity building/training/skills development needs to support a transition towards zero carbon

CAfS will also develop a system for transferring lessons learned in Ambleside to other communities in South Lakeland.

Last year, we granted around £50,000 to CAfS to fund projects to help communities, individuals and businesses in the district become more energy efficient by reducing carbon emissions.

Speaking at a meeting in Ambleside to launch the project, Councillor Dyan Jones, our Portfolio Holder for Climate Emergency and Localism, said: “'Wise and prudent spending at South Lakeland District Council means we are able to support CAfS and the superb work they do with communities and businesses here in South Lakes.

"SLDC was the first district authority in the county to declare a climate emergency and subsequently a carefully constructed Climate Change Policy was created and adopted by SLDC. I am delighted to endorse a group which is committed to do what they can to combat climate emergency. Good luck to Ambleside Action for a Future.”

Gillian Kelly, who initiated AAFAF, said: “Ambleside Action For A Future is delighted to have the active support of CAfS in the person of Rhona Pringle. Her input will be invaluable to a group of people who, although passionate about making a difference, have not been in this territory before and lack her considerable experience and knowledge of everything from sources of information to sources of funding. We feel fortunate indeed to have this opportunity to work with her as well as the backing of SLDC.”

Rhona Pringle from CAfS said: “We congratulate the community in Ambleside for having the ambition to transition to a low carbon future. We are hugely excited to be able to provide in-depth guidance. It is a rare opportunity for a community to have access to this type of support over a sustained period.

“It’s a testament to the forward thinking of South Lakeland District Council, which has been leading the way in tackling the climate crisis, the greatest challenge of our time. By playing their full part in cutting carbon emissions, the council is acting to protect their area for the future, contributing to the urgent global efforts that are needed.”

Ambleside Action for a Future was formed in response to the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report from October last year which said we had only 12 years to prevent global warming going out of control leading, ultimately, to the extinction of life on earth, as well as the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) reporting a loss of 60 per cent of the world’s wildlife since the 1970s, and forecasting an even more rapid decline in the next two decades.

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