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Reassurance over plastic recycling

5 June 2019

We are reassuring residents that the plastic recycling we collect from households is being processed into recycled products.

The message of reassurance follows recent reports in the national press that tonnes of plastic recycling is having to be incinerated due to a lack of specialist processing facilities.

The plastics we collect from residents’ homes are sent to recycling plants in Cumbria for sorting, before being turned into plastic products at different recycling facilities.

Our Climate Emergency and Localism portfolio holder, Councillor Dyan Jones, said: “I’d like to reassure South Lakeland residents that the plastic recycling we collect from the kerbside is sent to specialist processing facilities.

“The plastics are sorted at plants in Barrow or Carlisle and then moved to other recycling facilities in the country, where they are processed into a variety of recycled products.

“SLDC is committed to fighting climate change, we were the first district authority to declare a climate change emergency in Cumbria and subsequently created a Climate Change Policy, outlining ways in which we will tackle the issue.

“Ensuring that the recyclable materials crews collect, and general waste too, are properly disposed of in a way that isn’t damaging to our environment, is part of that commitment.”

We make fortnightly kerbside recycling collections from residents across the district collecting plastic, glass, paper, cans and cardboard.

More information on the recycling process

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