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Public consultation begins on park plans

4 September 2018

Residents are being invited to have their say on the future of a popular South Lakeland park.

Public consultation starts this week on ways of conserving and improving Fletcher Park in Kendal.

We are already working closely with the Friends of Fletcher Park on proposals to enhance the open parkland and areas of woodland.

A three week consultation process starts on Friday 7 September when residents are invited to visit the park in Sunnyside to see plans and make comments.

Richard Forsyth, Chairman of the Friends of Fletcher Park, said: “We want a wide range of opinions on how the park can be improved and sustained for recreational use by as many people as possible.” 

A spokesperson for ourselves said: “The park is a very important green space in its own right. Significantly a footpath through it also allows the public to connect with the canal towpath, the allotments and leads up to Kendal Castle without the need to use a road.

“A number of storm-damaged and diseased trees have already been removed from the park and now we’d like the public to have their say on what happens next.”

The consultation-in-the-park event will be held between 11am and 6pm on Friday 7 September. Members of the public can also share their views on the Friends of Fletcher Park consultation page.

Consultation ends on Friday 28 September.

Fletcher Park in Kendal is pictured. 

Fletcher Park