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Private water supply advice during dry spell

6 July 2018

Residents and businesses on private water supplies are being urged to take precautions during the current prolonged dry weather.

In South Lakeland district there are around 1,700 private water supplies, mainly from boreholes, springs or wells. Many of these are surface supplies which are particularly vulnerable to extreme weather conditions such as drought or cold temperatures.

With the current hot and dry weather showing no immediate signs of ending, we are issuing advice to residents and businesses on private water supplies to be prepared for the possibility that their supplies may dry-up.

The responsibility for private water supplies rests with the owners of the properties fed by the supply and our public protection staff are encouraging people to monitor their supply and if it is getting low to seek alternative provision.

Emergency supplies are available from a number of outlets. 

List of suppliers that comply with the relevant British Standards.

Our Public Protection Manager, Fiona Inston, commented: “Tips for conserving water include not washing cars, not using sprinklers/hosepipes for watering gardens and taking shorter showers. Small steps like this can make a big difference if your private water supplies are running low - if each member of a family of four spent one minute less in the shower they could save approximately 36 litres of water a day.

“If you run a business that relies on a private water supply you should also consider how a lack of water will affect your operations.

“You may be able to limit the services you provide or look at outsourcing some tasks such as laundry etc. which would reduce the amount of water you use. If you cannot operate the business safely you may need to close until a water supply can be reinstated or an alternative supply be found.’’

In an emergency you can also contact us, and we are working with United Utilities to potentially provide an emergency supply for domestic users only for up to 72 hours whilst an alternative water supply is arranged by the supply owners.