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Primary pupils embrace political challenge

7 March 2017

On Friday primary schoolchildren from across Kendal took part in a political challenge at Kendal Town Hall.

The event, organised by sixth form students from Queen Katherine School, set pupils the task of presenting an answer to a topic on healthcare or the environment.

The children were in groups of no more than four and presented their answers in a variety of ways which included song, PowerPoint presentation and roleplay.

All the presentations were judged by Liberal Democrat Leader, Tim Farron MP, and Chief Technology Officer at James Cropper, Patrick Willink.Political challenge

The purpose of the challenge was to engage the primary school students in local issues whilst also enhancing the skills of the sixth form pupils. The event is part of an ongoing community project the Queen Katherine School students are part of, with scheduled community events also due to take place at Stonecross Care Home and Blackhall Croft.

Teacher at Queen Katherine School, Tracey Ellis, said: “Organising this event has enabled the students to develop and enhance a variety of key skills.

“With events like this we’re encouraging the younger children to understand local issues which are affecting us.

“It’s been a great day and I’d like to congratulate our students on hosting this event so professionally and to the primary pupils on taking part so enthusiastically.”

The joint winners were students from Castle Park School and St Thomas’s CE Primary School.

Tim Farron MP, added: “It was incredibly difficult to pick a winner from six persuasive approaches.

“The students put real thought into their presentations and used a variety of props and devices to illustrate their viewpoint.

“I’d also like to congratulate the students from Queen Katherine School who mentored the children and organised the day.”

Six schools participated in the event including Heron Hill Primary School, Stramongate School, Vicarage Park C of E Primary School and Crossthwaite Church of England Primary School.

Pictured is Tim Farron MP (back right) and Patrick Willink (back, second right) with sixth form students from Queen Katherine School and the winning pupils from Castle Park and St Thomas's.