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Phone mast in Oakwood Drive, Ulverston - for information

12 March 2019

An application had been made through the prior approval notice procedure for a Vodafone mobile phone mast at Oakwood Drive in Ulverston which had resulted in deemed consent to permitted development in September 2017.

The council is now aware of a case in London in July 2018 where the judgement handed down has created a precedent which could potentially leave the Oakwood Drive mast at increased risk of being subject to legal challenge.

After discussions between Vodafone’s agent and South Lakeland District Council (SLDC), Vodafone has decided not to implement the works utilising the prior approval notice procedure commenced in 2017 and will submit a full planning application for the works, including for the retrospective regularisation of any work undertaken on the site.

Vodafone will not undertake any further work on site unless and until they have secured full planning permission.

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