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Kendal common land re-opens to public

4 May 2018

Members of the public are now able to walk across a riverside common in Kendal following the completion of an interim landscaping scheme.

Work finished today (Friday, 4 May) and public access to New Road Common has been re-opened.

The interim scheme has involved the removal of contaminated material from the sub-base of the site, followed by laying out of pathways, installation of safety barriers and creating grassed areas so that the common can be safely used for its currently designated purpose for ‘air and recreation’.

The work has laid the groundwork for the eventual long-term use of the site, which will be determined following a public consultation.

The designs for the interim work have been drawn up to take account of the use of the site by the fair, which is due to return to New Road this month.

Cumbria County Council has also confirmed that design work for a replacement Gooseholme footbridge is now underway and a new bridge, with improved access for pedestrians, cyclists and wheelchair users, will be installed by the end of January 2019.