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Information for voters at this year's local elections

23 April 2018

Local elections will be taking place in South Lakeland on Thursday, 3 May 2018.

These will be for all 51 seats on South Lakeland District Council.

Voters in Kendal will also be going to the ballot box the same day to elect members in all 10 wards of Kendal Town Council, and there is a by-election in Ulverston for the Ulverston East seat on Ulverston Town Council.

This year’s election for the district council will be a bit different to previous years and voters will notice a few changes.

This is to implement an electoral changes order following a Local Government Boundary Commission electoral review of South Lakeland, which has led to new ward boundaries coming into effect at the May elections.

The changes will ensure each councillor represents approximately the same number of electors.

The district council currently consists of 51 members and this number will not change. However, the number of wards has reduced from 45 to 18, each represented by either two or three councillors.

To set up these new wards, all 51 seats on the council will be contested this year.


Please check your poll card

If you are registered to vote you should by now have received your poll card.

This will tell you which ward you are now in and where your polling station is.

As a result of the boundary changes all but one of the district council wards (Sedbergh and Kirkby Lonsdale) has changed names.

Changes to polling stations will particularly affect voters in Oxenholme and Ulverston.

Following an interim review of polling stations, electors in the polling district of BR (which covers Oxenholme and parts of Kendal, including Strawberry Fields) will now vote at a new polling station at the Lake District National Park Authority at Murley Moss. They will no longer need to travel to the polling station at Natland Village Hall, although Natland residents will still go to Natland Village Hall.

Electors who normally go to the Coronation Hall in Ulverston (polling district UI) are this year going to St Mary of Furness Catholic Church Hall.

Electors who last year went to the Free Grace Baptist Church in Ulverston (polling district UE) are this year going to Ulverston Children’s Centre on Lund Terrace.

A handful of other electors will also have changed polling station due to the polling district review and all voters are being advised to check their polling card carefully, as it will tell them exactly where they need to go on 3 May.


Vote for up to two or three candidates

Voters will notice that the ballot paper for the district council elections that they receive at the polling station on 3 May will likely be longer and contain more names than in recent years.

In some wards up to 12 candidates are standing.

This is because in the district council elections you will be voting to elect two or three candidates in each ward to implement the new boundaries.

It will clearly state at the top of the ballot paper how many candidates you can vote for.

Voters can select up to two/three candidates from any of the candidates in the list.

The two or three candidates that receive the most votes will be elected to represent the ward.

Please note: If you select more candidates than you are allowed, then none of the votes will be counted as this will be deemed a ‘spoilt’ ballot paper. You can, however, vote for any number of candidates up to the number allowed (ie, if you are allowed to select up to three candidates, your votes will count if you only select one, or two).

Again, voters are therefore advised to read your ballot paper carefully at the polling station for instructions on how many candidates you can select.


Useful to know

  • A total of 180 candidates will be contesting the district council elections in South Lakeland.
  • The deadline for registering to vote has now passed, so if you haven’t registered to vote unfortunately you will not now be able to vote in these elections. If you think you are registered to vote but haven’t yet received your poll card, please contact our electoral services team. 
  • Polling stations will open at 7am and close at 10pm on Thursday, 3 May.
  • Results will be published on our website following the count on Friday, 4 May.
  • Results will also be announced on our social media accounts as they are declared on Friday afternoon. Follow either account to keep up-to-date with the results and all council news and information.