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Green pledge after climate change meetings

16 November 2018

We are drafting a policy on climate change and looking at new ways of making energy savings and efficiencies.

We will also continue to raise public awareness and promote community projects which promote low carbon and renewable energy.    

Following a series of public meetings across the district earlier this year, we agreed to continue monitoring our carbon footprint and investigate more ways of how we can have a positive impact on climate change.

Our Leader, Councillor Giles Archibald, who co-hosted the meetings, said: “I would like to thank everybody who took the time to attend and share their thoughts and ideas. 

“We have gathered a lot of valuable information from individuals and groups who feel very strongly that more needs to be done to help tackle the very serious threat we all face.

“Some of the excellent suggestions which came out of those meetings will help to influence what the council does next and to identify our priorities.”

The meetings, which were held in Windermere, Kendal, Ulverston, Grange-over-Sands and Sedbergh were also hosted by Councillor Dyan Jones, Portfolio Holder for Environment.

“I was very impressed by the real passion and energy people have for making a difference. There is a real can-do attitude out there for influencing change and we heard a very clear message that everybody has an important role to play, no matter how insignificant they may think they are.

“The council and its partners are already doing a lot of what was suggested at the meetings but now is the time to redouble our efforts and do more,” said Cllr Jones.

We have re-established The Green Team, a dedicated group of officers which is now re-evaluating what we are doing to make energy efficiencies, promote alternative sustainable travel and support the community to reduce energy and protect the environment. 

That work will include:

  • Drafting and implementing a policy for ourselves on climate change
  • Investigating installing solar panels on as many of our buildings as possible
  • Supporting schemes which promote energy efficiency and renewable energy
  • Monitoring and reviewing the use of electric vehicle charging points
  • Planting more trees and encouraging climate change-friendly land management
  • Continuing to monitor our operational carbon footprint
  • Promoting cycling and walking as an alternative to the car

Cllr Archibald added: “By collaborating with the other tiers of government, businesses, public bodies and the community we can all work together on this. We also want to make the public aware of the opportunities they have for contributing to this important work.”

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