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Flood grant deadline reminder

8 September 2017

Flood grant applicants are being reminded that they only have a few more weeks left to submit their invoices and have all the work completed.

There are around 200 approved applications which are still outstanding, despite a deadline of 30 September.

By then applicants must have arranged with their contractor to have all approved work finished and have submitted their invoices and receipts.     

Our spokesperson, said: “Any outstanding Flood Resilience Grant awards of £5,000 must be claimed by the end of this month. On completion of the works, applicants must submit a fully completed payment form, invoices and or receipts and photographs of the completed work to enable us to make a payment.”

Applications for flood grants closed at the end of March. A last minute rush eventually pushed up the total number of applications in South Lakeland to 1,247.

Almost 66% of those eligible for the government grant scheme came forward to apply for the money and we have approved more than £3 million worth of flood protection work.

The grants fund additional measures which improve resistance to flooding, over and above any repairs that would normally be covered by insurance.  Most applicants have used the money to help install flood gates, lay concrete flooring, move electrical sockets and raise kitchen appliances such as ovens.

We were charged with administering the grant scheme which was announced by the government in the aftermath of the floods in December 2015.

Our Flood Grant Team set to work promoting what help was available, advising households and businesses across the district and processing applications.   

Existing applicants who require further assistance can contact the Flood Grant Team on 01539 793464 or email