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Cyclists take a stand against air pollution

7 April 2017

Work has just been completed to more than double the number of bicycle stands in Kendal town centre.

It is hoped the extra stands, paid for by a government grant to reduce air pollution, will encourage more people to start cycling or get back in the saddle. 

Ourselves and Cumbria County Council received funding which helps local authorities tackle emissions, particularly nitrogen dioxide.

In recent weeks 21 old bicycle stands have been replaced and an extra 25 new ones have been erected in convenient town centre locations.

The money has been spent in Kendal because a small part of the town, Lowther Street, is the only area in the district which fails to meet target air pollution levels. It has been designated an Air Quality Management Area which qualified it for funding. we continually monitors air pollution in the area and levels are improving. 

Fiona Inston, our Public Protection Manager, said: “Poor air quality harms our health. Traffic emissions are one of the main sources of nitrogen dioxide. Local initiatives like this not only reduce air pollution but also encourage people to exercise and keep fit.

“Knowing there are now more stands, to which they can secure their bicycles, should encourage more shoppers and commuters to cycle in and out of Kendal town centre.”

Ourselves and Cumbria County Council have contributed £16,600 from their share of the government’s grant funding while Kendal Town Council has also paid £1,000 to erect new bicycle stands outside the Town Hall.  

The stands are located in Finkle Street, at the public library on Stricklandgate and outside the Westmorland Shopping Centre. 

We are also encouraging businesses to apply for bike parking grants in a bid to get more people cycling.

The scheme offers up to £1,000 for the purchase and installation of stands or bike boxes for employees to safely secure their cycles.

Businesses can apply for the scheme if they are an existing company with premises anywhere in the district, are able to complete the works within six months of the grant being offered and can contribute at least 30% of the cost, excluding VAT.