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Council tax scam alert

13 February 2019

Residents in South Lakeland are being warned about a council tax telephone scam.

The fraudsters are ringing people to say they are due a refund on their council tax and asking them to provide their bank details.

We would never contact residents in this way and urge anyone who is suspicious to contact the police by calling 101.

A council spokesperson said: “The scam appears to be similar to others across the country where callers say there has been a computer error and the residents are due a refund on their council tax.

“In some cases residents have been asked for their name and address for a cheque to be sent, which is followed-up by another telephone call claiming to be from their bank, asking them to confirm their banking details.

“In other cases residents are even being asked for upfront payments to receive council tax refunds which don’t exist.

“If you receive one of these calls our advice is to put down the phone and contact the police on 101.”


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