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Common land clean-up begins

20 September 2017

Work has started to tidy up common land at New Road in Kendal which was closed to vehicles earlier this week.

Our street care and cleansing team have been removing litter as part of a clean sweep of the area.    

Early next week the temporary fencing will be removed and replaced by stone boulders, preventing vehicles from returning to the land. 

As required, safe pedestrian access to the common land has been maintained throughout, with three openings in the fencing allowing the public to use the two crossings on New Road.  

We closed the land to vehicles on Monday, 18 September following a Cabinet decision based on safety, legal and insurance risks.

It is intended that initial works will concentrate on making the site safe and accessible, including work to decontaminate the land and replace the existing top surface, but the long-term future use and design of the site will be subject to public consultation.

Full Council next month will be asked to consider a revised budget for the initial works on the site.

A number of new parking options are available, designed to mitigate potential issues with vehicles displaced from New Road common parking in residential streets.

These are:

  • Westmorland Shopping Centre car park closing time extended from 7pm until 9pm
  • South Lakeland House car park to open 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Sunday tariffs on all levels at South Lakeland House car park adjusted to 20p per hour, up to a maximum of £1 for over 4 hours
  • Charging hours on South Lakeland House car park to change from current 8am to 6pm to 8.30am to 5.30pm
  • £1 a day parking on Blackhall Road car park if ticket purchased before 7am, seven days a week
  • Sandes Avenue car park be designated for blue badge holders and permit parking for market traders only on Wednesday and Saturday
  • Sandes Avenue car park to be made 20p per hour, up to a maximum of £1 for over 4 hours on non-market days
  • Visitor parking bays removed at South Lakeland House car park, to increase parking capacity
  • Library Road car park changed from long-stay to multi-tariff

These measures are in addition to a new ‘early-bird’ tariff at the Westmorland Shopping Centre car park reduced from £2.20 to £1 per day for drivers arriving before 9am, seven days a week.

Many of the measures would be subject to an initial trial period, up to 2 January 2018, but it is the Leader of the council’s wish that, subject to review, these offers would continue until any new long-term parking facility is developed.


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