Cemetery clean-up under way after storm damage

16 January 2020

Work to clear a number of fallen trees from Ulverston’s cemetery is progressing well.

The high wind gusts of Storm Brendan uprooted several trees and damaged many more at the cemetery earlier this week, preventing residents from using the main access road, paths and the ashes section of the site.

We own and manage the Priory Road cemetery and began the clean-up on Tuesday in partnership with one of our arboricultural contractors, with work moving at apace.

A spokesperson for ourselves said: “We attended the site on Tuesday morning along with our contractor and began work immediately to clear blown trees from the access paths and ashes area of the cemetery, and work is expected to be completed today (Thursday).

“Following this, we will focus on removing uprooted trees from other sections of the site.”

The fallen trees have also caused damage to a few memorials at the cemetery, but we will work with memorial owners to restore those that are affected.

The spokesperson added: “Unfortunately three memorials have been impacted by storm damage, however, we will liaise with owners to fix them.

“The council is very aware of the emotional attachment the residents of Ulverston have with the cemetery. We are ensuring works are carried out quickly and safely, but with the utmost respect the site is due.”

If a resident has concerns about a memorial at the cemetery, they can contact our bereavement services via email: or by telephone on: 01539 733 333.

One of the trees blown over at Ulverston cemetery due to Storm Brendan is pictured.

Tree blown over


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