Cabinet set to approve move towards more electric vehicle charging points

22 October 2019

In line with our urgent desire to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, our Cabinet is set to approve investigation into the feasibility of installing at least seven electric vehicle charging points throughout the area.

We applied for and were delighted to be granted £187,640 to fund an 18-month-long research project aimed at identifying charging sites in residential areas where no off-street charging is currently available.

We are part of a successful partnership funding award from Innovate UK which has secured £3.4m for the Scaling On-Street Charging Infrastructure (SOSCI) scheme. Throughout the UK, 12 projects will ultimately share £37 million funding aimed at revolutionising the experience of owning an electric vehicle in the UK.

A report set to go before Cabinet on Wednesday October 30 says the project had the potential to increase the take-up of electric vehicles, progressively address the causes and impacts of climate change and encourage residents to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and save money on fuel costs, as well as reduce pollution emissions from combustion engines.

The report said: "This is one of 12 projects that will share £37 million funding to revolutionise the experience of owning an electric vehicle in the UK. The government aims for these innovations to encourage uptake of electric vehicles, which is a key aim of its Road to Zero strategy."

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