Application process for Additional Restrictions Grants is now open

25 November 2020

The application process for the government’s Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG) for businesses in South Lakeland affected by the current coronavirus restrictions is now open.

Administered by South Lakeland District Council (SLDC), the Additional Restrictions Grant is a one-off discretionary grant scheme for businesses forced to close but which have no rateable value, or those which, while not legally forced to close, are nonetheless severely impacted.

Details about eligibility and the application form

Councillor Robin Ashcroft, SLDC portfolio holder for Economy, Culture and Leisure, said: “Supporting businesses in South Lakeland through these tough times is vital and SLDC is committed to doing everything we can to make sure they get through this and recover in the days, weeks and months to come.

"Since last Monday we have been working hard to verify as many Local Restrictions Support Grant (Closed Businesses) grants as we can. We know these are desperately needed and I know these Additional Restrictions Support Grant will bring much-needed relief to a wider array of businesses.

"If you think you might be eligible, please check the criteria and get your application in."

  • Businesses with a rateable value of exactly £15,000 or under on 5 November will receive a payment of £1,334.
  • Businesses with a rateable value over £15,000 and less than £51,000 on 5 November will receive a payment of £2,000.
  • Businesses with a rateable value of exactly £51,000 or above on 5 November, will receive £3,000

For businesses eligible for this funding who are not the ratepayers or fall outside the business rates list (no rateable value), the grants will be awarded on business size, based on number of employees as follows:

  • 0 to 9 employees £1,334
  • 10-24, £2,000
  • 25+, £3,000.

SLDC's grant scheme for businesses required to close due to the second national Coronavirus lockdown, the Local Restrictions Support Grant (Closed Businesses), went live on Monday last week.

Business Coronavirus (COVID-19) support schemes and other support available, including business rate relief, free business support and advice available to businesses in South Lakeland.


To qualify for the Additional Restrictions Grant, businesses must have been open as usual before the November lockdown restrictions.

All eligible businesses applying for the Additional Restrictions Grant will need to complete a full online application form, regardless of whether they have received a grant through a previous scheme earlier in the year.

Eligible businesses are as follows:

Category A

Businesses required to close but are not in the rates system, or are not the ratepayer and are therefore not eligible for the LRSG, for example:

  • B&Bs who pay Council Tax rather than business rates
  • small businesses in shared commercial space providing in-person services who do not have their own business rates assessment
  • personal Care services i.e. hairdressers, beauty therapists, physiotherapists, who either operate mobile, at home, or in a shared space which is legally required to close, where these businesses are not the direct business ratepayer
  • regular market traders who do not sell essential goods as outlined in government legislation. Those who sell essential goods may also be eligible where their regular market has been cancelled by organisers and they are unable to attend

Category B

Businesses that have been able to stay open and have a rateable value which supply the closed retail, hospitality, and leisure sectors. This should not include businesses where supply to essential retail accounts for 50 per cent or more of their business.

Category C

Businesses based within South Lakeland in the events sector who have had at least one event planned and cancelled in November 2020.

Category D

Any other business not covered above which is able to demonstrate that they have been severely impacted by the latest round of restrictions only. As these businesses are undefined, further evidence may be requested where it is not easily evident to the assessor that they meet this criteria. This category will only be considered if there are adequate remaining funds once Categories A, B and C have been assessed.

Category E

Businesses that have received a Local Restrictions Support Grant (Closed) can also apply for the Additional Restrictions Grant if they remain severely impacted by the lockdown period even after having received a Local Restrictions Support Grant (Closed). For such businesses, a top up grant of £1,000 may be available and considered on a case by case in the following scenarios:

  • larger local businesses which are considered to be important to the local economy, this could either be on an SLDC wide basis, or particularly important to a town or village
  • businesses considered to have unusually high costs, relevant to their size, as a result of national restrictions.
    Category E will only be considered if there are adequate remaining funds once Categories A-D have been assessed. This scheme will be made available three weeks after the launch of the main scheme and details will be available on our website.