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Boat launching

Map showing the slipway located at Ferry Nab
It is open every day except Christmas Day, weather permitting. Opening times vary.

You will be required to pay a fee before launching.

Daily rate (inc VAT)

  • craft: all untrailered non motorised craft which are carried to the water's edge: free
  • craft: all other craft up to 11m or 3.5 tonnes: £13
  • craft: local residents 10 launch pass (25% discount) conditions apply: £97.50
  • craft: non local residents 10 launch pass (10% discount): £117  

Car parking at Ferry Nab (multi tariff applies 8am to 8pm)

  • up to one hour: £1.50
  • up to two hours: £3
  • up to three hours: £4
  • up to four hours: £5
  • up to six hours: £6
  • up to 10 hours: £7
  • all day: £8
  • three day parking permit: £15
  • seven day parking permit: £30
  • annual car parking permit (mooring and storage customers only): £180
  • car and trailer parking all day when launching: £10
  • car and trailer on multi tariff: need to purchase two tickets
  • motorcycles: free
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