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Shrub beds

We have many shrub beds throughout the area, mainly situated in ornamental parks, housing sites, car parks and at toilet blocks. The following maintenance regime is in operation:


  • shrub beds mulched with forest bark are attended monthly to weed and remove litter, leaves and shrub debris
  • shrub beds that are not mulched are attended fortnightly to weed and remove litter, leaves and shrub debris. There is also an annual programme each spring to dig over beds


  • this is carried out to Royal Horticultural Society practice to encourage maximum flowering potential and is specific to each species. This includes the removal of dead, diseased and damaged wood and pest control at each visit

Normal practices are overruled when shrub growth encroaches paths, access to buildings around window or doors or block exits or junctions.

If privately owned shrubs are encroaching onto footpaths or the highway this can be reported to Cumbria County Council.

The telephone hotline number is 0300 303 2992.