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Friends of Fletcher Park Public Consultation 2018

The friends of Fletcher Park and local ward councillors are working in partnership with us to improve a much cherished, quiet and natural park in Kendal.

The Fletcher Park consultation was launched to coincide with the start of the Lakes Alive weekend on 7th September 2018, and finished on 28th September 2018. In total 75 people responded, the results have now been analysed.

Our officers, ward councillors and the Friends of Fletcher Park group spoke to members of the public in the park on 7th and 8th September 2018. The consultation was also available online, promoted on our social media pages and in the local community with publicity in the park. The project is also being well supported by ward councillors Eamonn Hennessey, Rachael Hogg and Helen Ladhams.

A snapshot of the survey results:

  • Overall, 29.3% of respondents visited the park two to three times a week, 21.3% once a month, 18.7% every day and 14.7% once a week
  • 46.7% used the park for under 15 minutes, which suggests that the park is a popular short cut for people walking to the castle or canal
  • When asked about features in the park people currently like, 81.3% stated woodland, 70.7% trees, 70.7% location, 69.3% the carved throne and 65.3 % the grassed areas
  • Support for improvements in the park showed 57.3% in favour of improving drainage, 50.7% improving the footpath to the cemetery, 46.7% for creating wildflower areas, 42.7% to plant new trees and 37.3% to carve tree stumps into seats
  • 45 further comments were made about Fletcher Park, of which the main theme was to keep it as natural and peaceful as it currently is, with an understanding that it needs improvements to some areas. It was also noted that a recreation area should not be introduced as it would disturb the current environment

Fletcher Park Public Consultation 2018 full results (PDF 342KB / 11 pages)

Appendix 1 to Fletcher Park Public Consultation 2018 (PDF 249KB / 6 pages)

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