Bathing water results

Last Updated: 19 August 2022

The monitoring of water quality at designated bathing beaches is the responsibility of the Environment Agency. 

Bathing waters are normally only tested during the summer months.

Results are posted in prominent positions around the bathing beaches. Results are also published by the Environment Agency.

Blue green algal blooms

Blue green algae can make you feel quite ill if swallowed or even by just swimming in it.

You need to be aware of the affects and be extra careful swimming in lakes and rivers in summer.

Look out for notices near affected areas and avoid going in or drinking the water.

Blue green algae is usually a problem between June and November.

The algae may vary in colour from discoloured green to blue green, greenish brown, or reddish brown.

For more information or to report any affected bathing water please contact the Environment Agency.

Algal blooms: advice for the public and landowners

Poster for landowners regarding blue green algae (PDF 178KB / 1 page)