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Housing Need Surveys

SLDC are now offering bespoke Housing Need Surveys that can meet your specific research needs. Are you considering a new development, but are unsure of the housing demand of a certain area? We can help you.

Our flexible approach to research means you are given the answers that you want.

The Research

If you were creating a ‘perfect’ research study, how would you like it to be conducted? What is the ideal data/information you wish to obtain from commissioning a Housing Need Survey?

We are able to shape our research projects around you to meet your requirements, but they all follow a general research process and methodology:

  • establishment of sample
  • secondary data collection
  • postal questionnaires
  • analysis
  • report creation
  • secondary research if necessary

The analysis of responses is carried out using the statistical software package; SPSS. This means we are able to present our findings in a clear, easy to follow report.

What will it cost?

As our surveys are all bespoke we prepare our quotations based on the specific requirements of each project. With the quote you will also receive a research proposal and a proposed timeframe. 

You will be consulted and updated throughout the research period so you are able to remain in control of your project.

For an informal discussion or to request a quotation contact our Housing Strategy Officer on 01539 793372 or email